In this New Era, Everything is going online. If you’re looking for a new connection or have moved to Bangalore, this blog helps you find out the best internet connection in Bangalore. and we discuss the best router for home use and office use also the Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore

There are more than 15 Broadband connections in Bangalore. After filtering out, only 9 Best Internet service providers have Reasonable pricing and good service and customer support.

Best broadband connections in Bangalore
Best broadband plans in Bangalore + Comparision

This article provided the Top 9 Broadband services in Bangalore with Customer rating support. I hope this article Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore, helps you find a better internet connection in Bangalore to your particular requirements.

I stayed here in Halasuru for 3 years, and I experienced many broadband connections and services. We all know that Bangalore is the most developed IT Sector compared to other states.

So Eventually, the Internet Providers are Lightened every single area in Bangalore, and almost all locations have all ISP Providers available. So Eventually, there is no problem in service.

Available Internet Service providers in Bangalore

As I mentioned above, there are more than 15 internet providers and the Local Internet services in Bangalore will be more than 20. In this article, I have taken the Popular and Most beneficial Services and user reviews.

So, Let’s look at the available internet services providers in Bangalore and Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore.

Which is the Best Broadband in Bangalore?

S.NoISPUsers Rating
1.Act FibernetService – 4.5 / 5.0
2.Jio FiberService – 4.2 / 5.0
3.BSNL BroadbandService – 3.8 / 5.0
4.Airtel Xstream FiberService – 4.0 / 5.0
5.TikonaService – 3.8 / 5.0
6.SpectraService – 4.7 / 5.0
7.You BroadbandService – 3.9 / 5.0
Best Broadband Connections in Bangalore

These are the Available Broadband Service providers, So let’s dive into the detailed comparisons and user ratings. As well we offer some of best offers available to broadband plans.

Local internet services in Bangalore

Local Services? What does it mean? It is a service that provides the Internet in your local. For Every area, there will be different Set-top boxes (DTH). They offer broadband services locally with reasonable prices and decent near-home service.

Before taking the Local Broadband, keep in mind that there are no benefits like another broadband gibing the Free OTT Services and Free Voice calls together.

I never recommended taking the local services because the Internet speed is not good. The amount you pay for the internet connection is not reasonable to their service.

Of course, They tie up with one of the Top 8 Broadband Services, and they provide the Internet. So it is not preferable to take a local connection and only take it if you were a Normal user.

9. Hathway Broadband

Hathway broadband plans in bangalore
Hathway broadband Bangalore

Hathway is the most Overrated Internet Service (In My opinion). To be honest, Hathway’s internet connection is not for this generation, and the Service is Very Slow compared to All other internet Service Providers in Bangalore.

There are No Value-added services (VAS) like Free Calls, OTT Services in Hathway Broadband. Therefore many other internet providers are providing Value-added services.

PlanSpeed (Unlimited)Cost / 6 Months
Power 2002005574
Free InstallationFree WiFi RouterUnlimited FUP
Hathway Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Pros and Cons

When I was in Whitefiled, I took the Hathway Internet Connection, and the plan is HERO 100 MBPS and Router.

  • Firstlt, The Internet Speed is good as they promised to give the Internet Connection 1p000MBPS the Downloading and Uploading Speed is Quite Flactuating UP and DOwn Near to 100 MBPS.
  • After a Week the internet connection is abmnormally slow day by day and the internet cpoonnection is flucuting arounf the 30 MBPS even the WiFI Router is Powerfull.
  • After Contacting to Customer Support care, Honestly they dont have practicle knowledge on How router Works and How to internet works. What im telling is they only say to turn off and turn on the WiFi Router. (Poor Customer Support)
  • The Plans they Provide is bit costly comapring to other TOP Providers. They Wont Provide the 1 Month Plan So there is No trail.

The Best thing is they provide the Dual Band Router for free. Also, Installation is Free of cost and has No Security Deposit where all providers make 2000 rupees for a Security deposit.

Hathway broadband Service Rating: 2.5/5
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 150 Mbps / Unlimited Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 200 Mbps / Unlimited Plan
Hathway broadband Bangalore Contact Number: 080-68127001 / 1800 4197 900

8. Excitel Broadband

Excitel broadband plans in bangalore
Excitel broadband Bangalore

Excitel Broadband Connection is a bit better than Hathway Connection. For many years Excitel is holding a decent customers base to run this service all over India.

Everything changed as Jio came into the internet industry, and unlimited data lightened up. So Every Internet Providers in India comes with Unlimited data and Provides the Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore.

Months 100 MBPS 200 MBPS 300 MBPSv
Unlimited DataFree RouterNo VASFree installation
Excitel Broadband Plans in Bangalore

The Plans are reasonable compared to Hathway and Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore. All plans have Unlimited Data if you’re looking for the Connection for Basic usage and only for Multimedia Purposes or Basic Purposes.

Talking about the service, they will do a better job on this. Excitel service takes 24 hours to solve the issue, and customer support is quite good.

Excitel broadband Service Rating: 3.4/5
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 100 Mbps / Unlimited 6 months
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 300 Mbps / Unlimited 12 Months
Excitel broadband Bangalore Contact Number: 011 33447788 / 1800 200 2273

7. You Braodband

YOU broadband plans in Bangalore
YOU broadband Bangalore

YOU Broadband is also known as Vodafone Broadband. For many years YOU Broadband competed with the Act Fibernet and Airtel Xstream Fiber; after JIO Fiber, Top Internet Providers also followed the Jio on Unlimited Plans.

But YOU Broadband had lately, and Now You Broadband having the Unlimited Data on Selected Plans.

Months 50 MBPS100 MBPS200 MBPS
1 MonthRs. 649Rs. 826Rs. 1062
3  MonthsRs. 1947Rs. 2478Rs. 3186
6 MonthsRs. 3894Rs. 4956Rs. 6372
12 MonthsRs. 7788Rs. 9912Rs. 12744
YOU Broadband Plans in Bangalore

In Bangalore, You Broadband Customer Base is not huge compared to the BSNL and others. Honestly, the Service is Outstanding, and Customer Support is also pretty good and also Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore.

The Installation is Free, but the Router is Not free. Spectra Broadband will charge 1999 Rupees, And that Router is not worth for money where Jio provides the 5GH router at a meager cost of 1500 Rupees and 1 Month Free Connection.

You broadband Service Rating: 3.9/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 100 Mbps / Unlimited Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 200 Mbps / Unlimited Plan
You broadband Bangalore Contact Number: 91212 91212 / 1800121222

6. Spectra Broadband

Spectra broadband plans in Bangalore
Spectra broadband Bangalore

Shyam Spectra Pvt. Ltd. It is a Recent Internet Service Project, and They are providing the internet connection from 2019 as this is a Giga Fiber Connection they provide for both Home and Business.

Plan NameSpeedCost / Month
Spectra Lite50 MBPSRs. 699
Spectra Essential100 MBPSRs. 799
AirMesh Lite250 MBPSRs. 999
AirMesh Lite+250 MBPSRs. 1299
AirMesh Pro  500 MBPSRs. 1599
AirMesh Pro+ 500 MBPSRs. 1899
AirMesh Infinity1 GBPSRs. 2499
Spectra Broadband Plans in Bangalore

The Price and Plans are too costly compared to ACT Fibernet, and this connection is available in four areas Noida, Gurugram, Bangalore, Delhi. There are no benefits like Voice calls, OTTs, etc. (No Value added services)

This company promises a 100% Uptime guarantee and provides real-time service online and offline. The Website and App Fully Functionallaed with many features to manage everything via the app, and live chat is also available on a website.

The Spectra Broadband Cost per GB is enormous compared to all other plans because they charge a security deposit of 2000 Rupees, which is refundable.

If you select the base plan in Spectra Internet connection which is 50 MBPS, Unlimited data costs 699 INR. But you need to pay 4000 with Installation fee, Router, Security Deposit.

In comparison, other internet providers provide Free Installation, Router and No Security Deposit.

Spectra broadband Service Rating:  4.7/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 250 Mbps AirMesh Lite Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 500 Mbps AirMesh Pro Plan
Spectra broadband Bangalore Contact Number: 18602660099 / 1800 121 5678

5. Tikona Broadband

Tikona broadband plans in Bangalore
Tikona broadband Bangalore

Tikona is the most underrated Internet service provider and Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore. As they are stepped into this industry earlier, they have a solid customer base in every state and city. Tikona Broadband Service is available in more than 20 cities in Bangalore.

PlanCost / Month
30 MBPSRs. 399
40 MBPSRs. 499
60 MBPSRs. 599
100 MBPSRs. 699
150 MBPSRs. 799
200 MBPSRs. 899
Tikona Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Talking to the uptime and downtime, Tikona Broadband promises the Guaranteed uptime above 99%. The Price of the plans are cheaper than Hathway, and customer service is good, but not great (Some Delay occurs at different locations).

Tikona Broadband Base plan costs 399, 30 MBPS. They charge the installation fee if you take a 1 Month Plan, even if it’s common, and there is no installation fee if you took the above six months plan with Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore.

The main con is Tikona is not Giga FIber Connection, and of course, there are no GBPS plans. Starting 30 MBPS and 200 MBPS is the top-end plan at reasonable costs.

Tikona broadband Service Rating: 3.8/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 60 Mbps / Unlimited Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 120 Mbps / Unlimited Plan
Tikona broadband Bangalore Contact Number: 1860 3000 3434 / 080 3945 3434

4. Airtel Xstream Broadband

Airtel broadband plans in Bangalore
Airtel xStream Fiber broadband Bangalore

How Airtel survived the mobile internet market after the big step of JIO, as in ISP Airtel Xstream broadband they are taken the plans as same as JIO Fiber, and they Provide the Fiber Connection and a Router.

Plan NameCost (Monthly)Speed (Unlimited)
Unlimited₹49940 MBPS
Premium₹799100 MBPS
Entertainment₹999200 MBPS
Ultra₹1499300 MBPS
VIP₹39991 GBPS
Airtel Broadband Plans in Bangalore

We see Free WiFi calling and Free Voice calls on BSNL, Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream Broadband. The Voice call service is completely free, and they won’t charge any additional fees. Let’s know about the Airtel Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Customer Support has 24×7 as they mentioned but not service they delay the service the same as other Broadband services in Bangalore.

In some areas, the speed of Airtel Broadband was stable and always up when we tested in Some regions of Bangalore. Of course, We know Bangalore is known for Silicon Valley for India. So the Services of Broadband Connections are top-notch.

Airtel broadband Service Rating: 4.0/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 100 Mbps / Unlimited Premium Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 200 Mbps / Unlimited Entertainment Plan
Airtel broadband Bangalore Contact Number: (080) 44444121

3. BSNL Broadband

BSNL broadband plans in Bangalore
BSNL broadband Bangalore
Plan NameSpeedLocal + STD
Fibre Basic30 MBPSFree Voice
Fibre Basic Plus60 MBPSFree Voice
Fibre Value100 MBPSFree Voice
Fibre Premium200 MBPSFree Voice
Fibre Premium Plus200 MBPSFree Voice
Fibre Ultra300 MBPSFree Voice
BSNL Broadband Plans in Bangalore

BSNL Broadband needs to be placed in Bangalore’s Top 1 Broadband Connection. Because the Service is Good, Support Service is Fine, The Plans and Landline service is also acceptable. But BSNL doesn’t have a better environment to manage the router, usage, and app. Where the ACT, JIO Fiber is providing.

Starting from 2000 to the Present, The BSNL provides their services without failing, while other telecom industries are performing. Looking over the Plans, They didn’t compromise on plans, and they are still fighting on top ISP in Bangalore.

They Provide the Unlimited Free Local + STD on any network and Unlimited Data (3300 GB Per Month). They Provide a decent router, and installation is also free and No Security Deposit.

BSNL broadband Service Rating: 3.8/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 100 Mbps Fibre Plus Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 200 Mbps Fibre Premium Plan
BSNL broadband Bangalore Contact Number: 1800-345-1500

2. Jio Fiber

JIO Fiber broadband plans in Bangalore
JIO Fiber broadband Bangalore

I think you are all looking for a JIO Fiber review. As you know, JIO Fiber is still not available in some areas in Bangalore, only available in major cities, But within 2 months, JIo Fiber will be available all over Bangalore.

PlanSpeed (Unlimited Data)VAS
₹ 39930 MBPSFree Voice / No OTTs
₹ 699100 MBPSFree Voice / No OTTs
₹ 999150 MBPSFree Voice / 14 OTTs Free
₹ 1499300 MBPSFree Voice / 15 OTTs Free
₹ 2499500 MBPSFree Voice / 15 OTTs Free
₹ 39991 GBPSFree Voice / 15 OTTs Free
₹ 84991 GBPSFree Voice / 15 OTTs Free
Jio Fiber Broadband Plans in Bangalore

The Comeback of JIO Fiber from 2019 in ISP, Have changed the entire plans and Value-added services. If you want the OTT Platforms for free, The JIO Fiber is Perfect for you because they provide the 13 OTT Apps subscriptions for free at pricing that starts 999 monthly with unlimited data.

They won’t provide the Netflix in Starting OTT Plan, Only on the 1499 Plan. They Providing the Free Trail Plan for 1 Month. They charge 1500 for the router if you want to use OTTs If you must take JIO Set-top Box to enjoy their OTT Services.

The Set-Top Box is not like DTH neither Live TV Channels. Jio FIber Set Top BOX Only acts as an Android Box, So all apps are preinstalled.

If you want to use Live TV, you should use Different apps for different live TVs. For Udaya TV, you should use Sun Nxt. For Star Suvarna, it will be Disney + Hotstar for Zee Kannada, you can use Zee5 alternatively. Not only Kannada, but you can also get access to all Indian TV Channels with those apps along with TV Shows. For news channels, you can use Youtube.

JioFiber Service Rating: 4.2/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 100 Mbps / Unlimited
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 150 Mbps / Unlimited
JioFiber Bangalore Contact Number: 1800-896-9999

1. ACT Fibernet

ACT Fiber broadband plans in Bangalore
ACT Fiber broadband Bangalore

Every Broadband has been stepped over for every turn of Jio Fiber. As Like ACT Fiber had more major changes in terms of changing the plans for every six months. If you are looking for the Best Internet service provider in Bangalore, ACT Fibernet is a better option.

Plan NameSpeed / DataPrice (Monthly)
ACT Basic500 GB – 40 MBPS₹549
ACT Swift750 GB – 75 MBPS₹710
ACT Rapid Plus1000 GB – 100 MBPS₹985
ACT BlazeUnlimited – 150 MBPS₹1085
ACT StormUnlimited – 300 MBPS₹1185
ACT LightningUnlimited – 350 MBPS₹1425
ACT IncredibleUnlimited – 400 MBPS₹1999
ACT EssentialUnlimited – 400 MBPS ₹2999
ACT AdvanceUnlimited – 400 MBPS ₹3999
ACT ProgressUnlimited – 400 MBPS ₹4999
ACT GIGAUnlimited – 1000 MBPS₹5999
ACT Fiber Broadband Plans in Bangalore

I have been using the ACT Fibernet for two years at Marathahalli. There are no issues in terms of Service Delay / Downtime, etc., and they provide the best Service in Bangalore compared to other cities like Hyderabad. The service is good all over Bangalore.

Even they don’t provide any add on’s / Value-added services. Suppose you want unlimited free Local calls, go for JIO Fiber or BSNL or opt for Airtel only if you like its review.

In that case, ACT Fibernet is best in terms of the Internet they provide as they are providing the Fiber Connection, so there are no interrupts in the middle.

ACT Fibernet Service Rating: 4.5/5.0
Reasonable Plan for Normal Users: 75 Mbps ACT Swift Plan
Reasonable Plan for Heavy Users: 150 Mbps ACT Blaze Plan
ACT Fibernet Bangalore Contact Number: +91 – 9121212121+91 – 7288999999, 1800 1022 836

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Best WiFi Router for Broadband Connection

Few Broadband providers (ISP) provide the WiFi Router for Free / Taking some charges like 1500 below. If your provider doesn’t offer the router, you can take these suggested WiFi routers for Home use and Office use.

Mostly all providers are giving a router for free like Hathway, BSNL Broadband, some others, and JIO Fiber, Airtel Broadband Providing the 5 GHz Router that too in lowest cost.

In What cases you need to buy router?

  • ACT, Excitel Broadband etc wont provide the router, in that case you need to buy 5 GHz router to support high speed internet
  • Some ISP Provders in bangalore offering the Free router, Those are Useless, Even they provide the Dual band router no use of it because it will be 2.4 GHz only prefer to buy the 5 GHz.
  • If you looking for the Office Purpose / Company you must need to upgrage to powerfull router with extenders those links also given below.

Best WiFi Router for Home Use

If you did not satisfy the router range that ISP gave, Or If your broadband provider has not provided the router, Here is the best list of WiFi Routers and Modems with 5Ghz range and more coverage with Fully functionality.

Best WiFi Routers for Gaming / Home use:

  • TP-Link Archer AC1200 Archer C6 – Check it out
  • D-Link DIR-1950 AC 1900 MU-MIMO – Check it out
  • TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500 Archer AX10,Smart WiFi – Check it out
  • D-Link DIR-825 MU-MIMO Gigabit Wireless Router – Check it out
  • MERCUSYS AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (Best for Gaming) – Check it out

Please read before buying a router: You can easily get the WiFi Router below 999, but it is not recommended to take 2.4Ghz. If you compromise to take a 5Ghz router, you can go for cheap routers, but 5Ghz routers have more range in the shortest distance, and 5Ghz routers will be more potent in terms of speed compared to 2.4GHz. If you were looking for the Airtel Broadband / JIO Fiber, they would provide the 5Ghz router at a reasonable cost.

Best WiFi Router for Office / Commercial Use

Things to remember before taking the router for Office purposes/ Commercial purposes:

  1. The Router should works also a like Modems to merge the other networks like CC Cameras, IOT Devices, Storage Networks, and Fully Functionalled Protocols.
  2. Routers should be compatible with Range Extenders, Even Now a days all routers supporting Extenders.
  3. Commercial use Routers are Expensive but all features inlcuded like traffic sapearation, Local Networks support, Mobile App etc

Here is the list of best WiFi Routers for Office use:

  • MERCUSYS Halo S12 (2-Pack) AC1200 – Check it out (For Small Businesses)
  • Asus RT-AX55 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 – Check it out
  • TP-Link Archer AX73 AX5400 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless WiFi Wi-Fi 6 Router – Check it out (Recommended)
  • ASUS RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual Band WiFi 6 (Black) Gaming Router – Check it out
  • Linksys Dual-Band AX5400 WiFi 6 EasyMesh™ – Check it out

Please read before buying a router: All the above-recommended routers are 5Ghz, WiFi 6 and above 2 GBPS Speed, Seems Costly but compared to the Range, Ports compatibility, and other functions, they are reasonable cost. You can use Range Extenders to increase a range.

Which is the best broadband Internet connection in Bangalore?

1) ACT Fibernet
2) JIO Fiber
3) Spectra Broadband

Is Jio Fiber available in Marathahalli?

Yes Jio Fiber is available in Marathahalli, Karnataka

Which broadband is best for home in Bangalore?

ACT Fibernet is the best connection for Both Home and Office purposes.

Is Jio Fiber available in Bangalore?

Jio FIber is available in all locations in Bangalore

Final thoughts

Compared to all these 9 broadband plans and their customer service, The Jio Fiber, ACT Fibernet performing very well. If any of these are not available in your area, you can prefer Airtel broadband or Bsnl broadband accordingly.

It would help if you were reminded of a few things before taking the broadband connection first thing is Installation Fees are standard for monthly plans, Security Deposit is Refundable.

All Broadband Services are having unlimited data plans, which limits 3200 GB, and FUP nearly 1 to 5 MBPS depending on plans. I hope you got the Best Broadband Plans in Bangalore. So what are you waiting for? Comment down for additional information. Have a great day :).


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